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Version: 5.4

Android Matchers

This page lists all current Android matchers in Kotest. These are additional to the default matchers and are specific to Android.

To use them, it's required to add an extra dependency to your project:

view.shouldBeVisible()Asserts that the view visibility is VISIBLE
view.shouldBeInvisible()Asserts that the view visibility is INVISIBLE
view.shouldBeGone()Asserts that the view visibility is GONE
view.shouldHaveContentDescription()Asserts that the view has any content description
view.shouldHaveContentDescription(desc)Asserts that the view has desc as Content Description
view.shouldHaveTag(key, value)Asserts that the view has a tag key with value value
view.shouldHaveTag(any)Asserts that the view's tag is any
view.shouldBeEnabled()Asserts that the view is enabled
view.shouldBeFocused()Asserts that the view has focus
view.shouldBeFocusable()Asserts that the view is focusable
view.shouldBeFocusableInTouchMode()Asserts that the view is focusable in touch mode
view.shouldBeClickable()Asserts that the view is clickable
view.shouldBeLongClickable()Asserts that the view is long clickable
tv.shouldHaveText(text)Asserts that the text view has text text
tv.shouldHaveTextColorId(id)Asserts that the text color is the same from color resource id
tv.shouldHaveTextColor(colorInt)Asserts that the text color is colorInt
tv.shouldBeAllCaps()Asserts that the textview is marked with the isAllCaps flag
tv.shouldHaveTextAlignment(alignment)Asserts that the text alignment is alignment