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Version: 5.6

Test Output

If you are running Kotest via Gradle's Junit Platform support, and if you are using a nested spec style, you will notice that only the leaf test name is included in output and test reports. This is a limitation of gradle which is designed around class.method test frameworks.

Until such time that Gradle improves their test integration so that tests can be arbitrarily nested, Kotest offers a workaround by allowing you to specify displayFullTestPath in project configuration.

When this setting is enabled, the test names will be the concatenation of the entire test path. So a test like this:

class MyTests: DescribeSpec({
describe("describe 1"){
it("test 1"){}
it("test 2"){}

Will be output as

MyTests. describe 1 - test 1
MyTests. describe 1 - test 2