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Version: 5.8

Extra Arbs

If you are looking for a collection of Arbs for general purpose data generation, then Kotest has such a collection.


To use, add io.kotest.extensions:kotest-property-arbs:version to your build.

Arb.firstName()Produces random english or hispanic first names
Arb.lastName()Produces random last names based on US census data random first and last names
Arb.stockExchanges()Produces random stock exchanges, eg New York Stock Exchange / NYSE / US
Arb.domain()Produces random domain names, eg random country objects, eg Botswana / BW / Africa
Arb.continent()Produces random continents from the list of seven
Arb.zipcode()Random zipcodes from 01000 to 99999, without validating they are exant
Arb.harryPotterCharacter()Produces random first and last names from the Harry Potter series
Arb.color()Produces random named colours, eg, midnight blue
Arb.brand()Produces random brand names, eg Betty Crocker
Arb.products()Produces random google product categories, eg Furniture > Office Furniture > Desks
Arb.vineyards()Produces random vineyard names, eg Château Montus Prestige
Arb.wineRegions()Produces a random wine region, eg Chassagne-Montrachet
Arb.wines()Combines several wine details producers to return full wine objects
Arb.wineReviews()Combines wine producer and adds in random review scores and usernames
Arb.iceCreamFlavors()Random ice cream flavors such as Pistachio or Grape Escape
Arb.iceCreams()Random ice cream servings with one or more flavors, cone type and size
Arb.tubeStation()Produces randomly selected London underground tube stations
Arb.tubeJourney()Generates random journeys from a randomly selected start and end underground station
Arb.airport()Random real world airport with IATA code
Arb.airline()Random real world airline
Arb.airJourney()Random airtrips between two airports with an airline and times
Arb.cluedoSuspects()Clue/Cluedo suspects, eg Professor Plum
Arb.cluedoWeapons()Clue/Cluedo weapons, eg Lead piping
Arb.cluedoLocations()Clue/Cluedo locations, eg Ballroom
Arb.cluedoAccusation()Clue/Cluedo accusations, eg, Mrs White / Billiards Room / Rope
Arb.monopolyProperty()Random (US version) monopoly property with rent, price and color
Arb.chessPiece()Chess piece with points
Arb.chessSquare()Chesss square with file A-H and rank 1-8
Arb.chessMove()Chess move from square to square with captured piece if any. No validation is performed to check the move is legal.
Arb.transactions()Transactions with a card number, card type, amount and transaction type car manufacturers