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Version: 5.6

Extension Examples

System Out Listener

A real example of an extension, is the NoSystemOutListener which comes with Kotest. This extension throws an error if any output is written to standard out.

class MyTestSpec : DescribeSpec({


describe("All these tests should not write to standard out") {
it("silence in the court") {
println("boom") // failure

Timer Listener

Another example would be if we wanted to log the time taken for each test case. We can do this by using the beforeTest and afterTest functions as follows:

object TimerListener : BeforeTestListener, AfterTestListener {

var started = 0L

override fun beforeTest(testCase: TestCase): Unit {
started = System.currentTimeMillis()

override fun afterTest(testCase: TestCase, result: TestResult): Unit {
println("Duration of ${testCase.descriptor} = " + (System.currentTimeMillis() - started))

Then we can register like so:

class MyTestClass : FunSpec({
// tests here

Or we could register it project wide:

object MyConfig : AbstractProjectConfig() {
override fun extensions(): List<Extension> = listOf(TimerListener)