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Version: 5.9


Kotest integrates with many other libraries and frameworks. Some are provided by the Kotest team, and others are maintained and hosted by third parties.

Kotest Team Extensions

AllureProvides output for the allure framework
HTML ReporterGenerates HTML reports of test results based on JUnit XML
InstantOverride the 'now' context in java.time
JUnit XMLProvides output in the JUnit XML format for integration with reporting tools
KtorProvides matchers for Ktor endpoints
KoinKotlin DI framework
MockserverIntegrate mockserver HTTP servers with the test lifecycle
SpringAdds support for spring beans in tests and spring test annotations
SystemProvides utilities for integrating with System.* functions
TestcontainersRun docker images as part of a test lifecycle
WiremockProvides a mock HTTP server. Project homepage here.

Third Party Extensions

AndroidToolbox for working with Kotest and Android
FluentleniumFluentLenium integration with Kotest
H2 Database ExtensionH2 Database integration with Kotest
Http4kFunctional toolkit for Kotlin HTTP applications
KotlessUtilties for kotless and kotest
KotlinFakerKotlin-faker data generation extensions for Kotest Property Testing
KotlinFixturegenerate well-defined, but essentially random, input
LogCaptureLogCapture is a testing library for asserting logging messages
MicronautJVM-based, full-stack framework for building modular, easily testable microservice
Result4sResult4s matchers
SelfieSnapshot testing (inline, disk, and memoization)
SniffyNetwork connectivity testing
TestFilesCreates organized files and directories for testing
FixtureMonkeygenerate a complex type and customize it within Kotest